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A tree has been felled and its wood removed, but the stump is still there, firmly rooted in the ground. Unknown to home or property owners, the hardest part of removing a tree from your property is getting rid of these tree stumps. This is why it is always a must to call the professionals for tree stump removal in Largo, Florida.

There have been a myriad of techniques used in the past for tree stump removal, but in recent times, the advent of the stump grinder has been a blessing for landscape designers, homeowners and tree experts like us. Always call a professional team for stump grinding and do not attempt to do it yourself, as using this type of machine requires experience and safety gears.

Our trained team members are able to safely maneuver our top of the line equipment to effectively remove your stump and exposed roots.

Professional Stump Removal Largo FL

Since the invention of the stump grinder, stump removal is no longer as difficult and time consuming as it used to be. The stump grinding machine is powerful and it is narrow and fits through a standard garden gate and doesn’t make a mess of your garden, lawn or surrounding areas.

Home and property owners can easily rent one and remove their tree stumps. However, safety should still be on your mind and would rather leave the stump grinding in the hands of the experts.

At Largo Tree Service Pros, we have licensed and quality assured stump grinder that can remove any stumps in your property. We have different sizes of stump grinder for different sizes of tree stump. The larger diameter blade is better for larger stumps, allowing it to grind deep below grade level so we can re-sod or reclassify the old soft stump area.

Traditional Tree Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding

Stump grinding goes far beyond traditional stump removal methods. It’s faster, requires less manpower, and ensures you’ll get rid of all stumps, roots included. For someone looking for a job well done, stump grinding is the most ideal solution.

When metal tools were invented, the hoe was certainly an important weapon in a forester’s arsenal. With a broad blade on one side and an ax-type blade on the other, the hoe is used to shovel the soil around a tree stump and then dig under the roots to remove the stump. This task is extremely costly and very tiring. The stump grinder has the mechanical means of doing the same work. The stump grinder shears the stump to its roots without much effort. When you have finished removing the stump with your hoe you will have an unwanted hole. When the grinder is done, the result is a lot more like  a fresh compost.

Another ancient technique is the placement of kerosene in the porous wood and the burning of stumps. This method, however, is dangerous and not completely effective. The likelihood of creating a forest fire should be enough to deter the biggest advocate of this practice. The biggest problem with this technique is ensuring that oxygen reaches the internal cracks in the stump and roots. Without oxygen, fire cannot progress and sometimes the result of this method is burnt remains, which are even more difficult to remove. Using a stump grinder ensures that you do not have any lumps of trees on your ground and that the stump will be completely removed with no remains at all.

Stump Removal Cost

The price of tree trimming can vary greatly from one service to another. It is difficult to predict the exact budget instantly, because it depends on several factors that will be analyzed by the professional.

Tree size is an element that directly affects the price of the service. If it is disproportionately large, it will need to be refurbished and it will take longer. If it’s just maintenance, the work is simpler and doesn’t require as many repairs.

The location of the tree also changes the budget a bit. If it is in an easily accessible place the price may be more affordable. However, if it is too high or is located among other tree and establishment, high rated equipment will be necessary for the professional to perform his work.

The overall health of the tree is also a factor. What many people do not know is that a tree can be sick and in poor health. This can be revealed after a thorough analysis by the practitioner, who will evaluate all layers of the trunk, as well as the appearance of the foliage, and identify what condition and how it can be treated.

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Stump Removal Cost

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