Tree Removal Largo FL

Removing an entire tree, including the stump, is usually a difficult, dangerous and laborious operation, requiring professional equipment and experienced arborists. Let Largo Tree Service Pros help you. We do quality and affordable tree removal services for residential, commercial and public properties in Largo FL.

Why remove a tree

Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when this is required. Our arborist can help you decide about removing a tree due to:

  • Death and health circumstances of the tree
  • At imminent risk of falling
  • Falling due to storm and strong winds
  • Obstruction that cannot be corrected by pruning
  • Harmful overlap to other more desirable trees
  • Substitution by a more appropriate tree species
  • It is located in an area where a new building or construction requires removal;

Tree Removal Procedures

Tree removal is a risky operation, but when done correctly by our skilled professionals becomes safe and effective.

The first step of this operation is the Preliminary Risk Analysis where the arborist will assess all hazards related to the work: The tree’s health condition, where the removal will take place, as well as possible assets, facilities or structures that may be potential targets hit by falling tree parts during operation.

After this analysis, with the identified risks in mind, the work plan is started where the team will discuss the mitigation of the risks and other measures to prevent accidents will be taken, and the arborist will indicate the necessary equipment and the best strategy for the removal.

We can begin tree removal by removing as many branches as possible in order to reduce the total mass of the tree before it falls from the top until only the trunk remains is done. If the tree is relatively small and the surrounding area is free, we can eliminate this step by felling the tree at once. Once we clear the top of the tree, we eliminate the main trunk by cutting it into pieces and lowering it to the ground with ropes until it reaches the tree stump, knocking down the entire tree or the trunk in one fell swoop.

Why choose us


One of our main concerns is the safety of its employees and its customers. For this, all staff have the necessary skills in working at height, use of equipment such as chainsaws and safety removal techniques. Furthermore, we use EPI signs and warning as well as implement safety procedures appropriate to each work performed.


Largo Tree Service Pros practices the most up-to-date tree management and removal technique. These techniques are used by the major arboriculture companies and known urban forestation groups. For this, our team is always updating, training and using the most appropriate technologies, always striving for excellence to better serve our customers.


We have 10 years experience in the market and with each passing year has been gaining more experience and more clients that trust us. We are your local tree service company in Largo that has been there for you for years.

Clean up

Our team respects your property so we clean up after every job and make sure that the waste generated in the tree removal process will go to the right landfills or you may even request for it to be arranged properly for you to store as firewood.

Tree removal cost

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of tree removal. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote to give you a better look at the cost of removing your tree.

    Services Required:
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